Hi, I’m Jesse!

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to my portfolio.

Who am I and what do I do? So glad you asked!

I’m a professional photographer and daydreamer born and raised in Ottawa, Ontario. For the past few years, I’ve had the role of Creative Director for a leading paddlesports manufacturer in Canada. Who the heck decided to let me near water unsupervised?! I’m glad they did though, because it’s been quite a learning curve, and an awesome adventure that really kick-started my passion for photography.

It all started the first time I picked up a camera to take a few product pictures to throw onto our company website. I remember thinking “no sweat, how hard could this be?” Well, let me tell you, I have never been more wrong in my life. Trying to navigate my way through camera settings led to one of the longest and most frustrating nights of my life. From that night forward, the never-ending cycle and challenge of “how can I make this look just THAT much better” pushed me to soak in as much as I could about the art and the business, which of course, resulted in me spending most of my free time (and paychecks - because you can never have enough equipment, am I right?!) on all things photography. It must have been a combination of sheer determination, perfectionism and, admittedly, pure stubbornness that got me completely hooked.

Fast forward a few years and here I am, even more immersed in this wonderful world of photography and design, and loving every minute of it! Known as a bit of a Jack-of-all-Trades, you can find me at the office whipping up magazine ads or custom coding new website features. On the weekends, you’ll catch me boating at the cottage (yes, camera in hand) or lurking around my dark photo studio eager to photograph some new subjects...(not creepy at all!!)

My background in graphic design and professional retouching is what I believe sets me apart from other photographers (but it's not a competition - love you all!). I have an eye for detail and design, and the skill to put it all together. Plus, when you work with me, you may even sneak in a good laugh or two.

Take a look around my portfolio. I hope you like what you see!