Commercial Photography

So, you’re a business owner either looking to expand or just starting out. You may be thinking you have enough on your plate, why worry about photography? Is it really necessary to hire a professional photographer to shoot your products? Well, we’re glad you’ve been thinking about product photography in the first place. Zoom out for a moment, put yourself in a consumer’s shoes and imagine yourself at home, online shopping or browsing other local stores on social media. In today’s market, what do you do first to decide which products interest you most? Simple - you click on the picture to get a sense of what, exactly, it is that you’re considering buying. Even if you may not realize it, the quality of the product imagery you see can make or break that sale. We want to work with you to create fantastic imagery and showcase your products so consumers know exactly what to expect when they browse your store and click that button you appreciate more than anything - “add to cart”. 

Now that we have you thinking from that buyer’s perspective, you can probably see the value in high quality product photography. So, what next? Step one: let’s chat. It’s important we gain a strong understanding of your shop’s look, feel and intended audience. All we need after that are samples of your products, and we’ll take care of the rest. From product placement, lighting set-up, backdrop selection, 360 degree product videos, image sizing for social media or online stores, and full professional retouching, we have you covered. Of course, we’ll send you some examples early on so we make sure our vibe is on target with your vision. Most importantly, we focus on photography that works for you and gives your business the tools needed to thrive.

Heads Up!

Our clients are important to us. For privacy reasons, we haven't publicly shared many of the product shots we've been involved in. If you're interested in working with us, reach out and we can chat further about providing a sample gallery of product images.

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